I was Working as Head of Design for a Private women's social Club “LBV” based Out of NYC. During my time there the CEO, (whom I reported directly to) had decided she wanted to pivot into fashion. I was new at the time so she showed me the work on her E- Commerce Website. I was told there Had been a soft launch.
Initially the number of visitors to the website was promising but the numbers had lowered dramatically and the visitors that converted to buyers had only been in the single digits.
My boss and I had some disagreements regarding the branding, I suggested a clean and sophisticated look, that would really get focus on the clothing. She wanted a more anti design circus theme website.  but we ultimately settled on my idea and testing that version because the goals aligned with easy checkout and profitability. 

Heuristics for my first steps of the redesign and ux audit
Initial Assessment & Discovery Phase : Analytics

Bounce Rate: 70%. (users were leaving the website Soon after visiting)
Average Session Duration: 43 seconds
Conversion Rate: 1.5%
High Exit Rates on Key Pages:
Product Pages: 60%
Cart Page: 75%
Checkout Page: 80%
Home Page: 65%
About Us Page: 70%
Contact Page: 75%
Add-to-Cart Rate: 2%
Abandoned Cart Rate
High Page Load Time: 7 seconds
Low Mobile Conversion Rate
WCAG not at 100
No Alt Tags
Having a Look at the Heat Map Visualized the issues
I studied heat maps from the website to get better insights, based off of my assumption mapping. which proved to be correct in 2 hypothesis. navigation worked best on the right for mobile and left on desktop
Changes Made to Incentivize Conversion

Experiment Designs used to improve various metrics
Automated notifications triggered by user behavior.
Personalized product recommendations based on user preferences.
A/B testing of website elements, such as colors, fonts, and images.
Testing different layout options for product pages.
Offering discounts or promotions to incentivize users to purchase.
Testing different payment options and payment processors.
Introducing loyalty programs to encourage repeat purchases.
Implementing “one-click” checkout.
Improving the search functionality of the website.
Introducing customer reviews and ratings
When The Analytics Started to Improve after an Influencer Marketing Strategy was Implemented :
I designed a convenient way for Myself and any relevant stakeholders to see Pertinent Metrics In one place.
what I learned
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